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About Miro Griffiths

This project is led by Dr Miro Griffiths. Miro is a Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow based in the School of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Leeds.

Miro sits in a black chair, facing the camera, and is smiling. He has short brown hair, rectangular, brown, thick rimmed glasses, and a short beard. He is wearing a blue shirt. There is a garden table next to him, which is painted green. There are books on the table authored by Foucault and Chomsky. In the background there are flowers and garden bushes


Miro's one-page profile can be viewed here in Microsoft Word and PDF.

Miro is particularly interested in disabled people's resistance practices and how disabled people understand and engage in disability politics. His doctoral research explored the opportunities and challenges encountered by young disabled people as they engage in UK disability activism and social movements.


Miro teaches on modules exploring disability theory, research methods, and social policy. He is the Deputy Director of the Centre for Disability Studies.

Alongside research, Miro works with disabled people's organisations, human rights institutions, and government departments to support disabled people's participation within society. Miro is:

Miro is currently involved, on a regular basis, with the following disabled people's organisations:

Miro regularly contributes to media outlets, and has appeared on:

  • BBC North West News;
  • BBC Victoria Derbyshire;
  • Channel 4 News;
  • China Global Television Network;
  • Council of Europe Media;
  • Digital Disability Podcast;
  • LBC Radio;
  • Network 67 Society Podcast
  • Sky News.


For more information about Miro, please visit his University of Leeds profile page.

Miro's latest CV can be viewed here in Microsoft Word and PDF.