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Online Interview - Disability Activism in Europe

Participants Wanted for Interview on:

Young Disabled People’s Views and Experiences of Disability Activism across Europe

  • Is your age within the range of 18 to 35?
  • Do you identify as a disabled person?
  • Do you currently live in a European State?
  • Do you have experience or are interested in disability activism and disability politics?

If you answered yes to these questions then please consider taking part in an interview.

The purpose of this interview is to explore opportunities and challenges to participating in disability activism across Europe, as well as understand the importance of disabled people’s social movements.

The interview will take approximately 30 minutes to complete; it will be conducted in English over your preferred videoconferencing platform.

Please read through the Participation Information Materials and contact Miro Griffiths ( if you would like to take part in the interview.

Participation Information Materials for the online survey can be found here 

This aspect of the study has received approval from the Business, Environment, and Social Sciences (AREA) Faculty Research Ethics Committee at the University of Leeds. The reference for this study is: AREA 20 – 058.